Ticket Policy

Ticket Policy

Pearl Jam and Ten Club have always been dedicated to making sure fans get priority access to tickets and the best seating whenever possible. For information regarding the Ten Club members-only presale through Ticketmaster Ticket Request, including tour specific restrictions, please read the corresponding presale announcement in the Ten Club News section of the site.

Terms and Conditions
By purchasing tickets through the Ten Club, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Please read carefully before purchasing tickets from the Ten Club.

Note: Rules may change slightly from tour to tour, so please be sure to read the complete presale announcement for any changes to the policies listed below. Ten Club ticket presale opportunities for Eddie Vedder solo shows are offered when possible and will have different rules and procedures. Refer to the show/tour announcement for the applicable information.


  • You must be an active Ten Club member as of the announced deadline to be eligible for any current presale opportunity. This deadline is generally the day before the tour announcement.
  • You cannot purchase a new Ten Club membership or renew an expired membership after the annouced deadline to be eligible for the current presale. Purchasing a membership or renewal will qualify you for future Ten Club tours announced during your membership year. One membership per individual only.
  • A Ten Club presale announcement will be emailed to all eligible members. Please add donotreply@pearljam.com to your email contact list to prevent announcements from being filtered as spam. Ten Club cannot be held responsible for email providers blocking or delaying presale announcements to your inbox.


Purchasing Tickets

  • Ten Club presale tickets are available online only. No phone, e-mail, or mail orders will be accepted.
  • Members may purchase up to 2 tickets per show unless otherwise specified in the tour announcement.
  • Presale tickets are limited. Ten Club does not guarantee all eligible members, regardless of seniority, will get tickets.
  • Presale tickets are offered through a random ticket selection process.
  • Ticket prices may vary from show to show.
  • Occasionally additional shows will be added after the initial tour announcement. In the case this occurs, we do not guarantee presale access to tickets any additionals hows but will provide an opportunity for members to reserve tickets if possible. Relevant information will be posted on Pearl Jam’s website.
  • All ticket sales are final. No refunds.
  • No ticket transfers unless otherwise specified in the presale announcement.
  • Where possible, a face value exchange will be made available.
  • Please do not enter for a show if you are not sure you can attend.
  • Members cannot buy tickets for the purpose of gifting. Ten Club tickets are intended for the Ten Club Member to use.
  • Reselling your guest ticket for above face value will result in the revocation of all future ticket privileges and possible loss of membership.

Ten Club Presale Requests And Confirmation

  • All eligible members will be emailed a Ten Club presale announcement. Please read through all of the presale information linked in the Ten Club presale announcement.
  • Ticket requests will only be accepted within the timeframe specified in the presale announcment.  Please pay attention to when the request window closes. We cannot accept requests after the window has closed.
  • Ticket requests will be confirmed within the timeframe stated in the presale announcement. 


  • We reserve some of the best seats in the house for Ten Club tickets.  To accommodate as many members as possible, tickets may extend into the upper sections of some venues and may include a variety of pricing levels.
  • Seat are assigned based on seniority in the Ten Club within the purchased price level.
  • Ten Club Reserved Seating will start on the elevated side sections closest to the stage extending back and include seated sections on the venue floor behind the General Admission section. At some venues, there will be season ticket holder seats in the elevated side sections. We are not able to control this with venues and do our best to work around it.
  • Group seating is not an option but if you purchase two tickets they will be seated together.
  • Accessible seated tickets are available through the Ten Club presale as a ticket option. Quantities are limited and cannot be guaranteed.
  • General Admission standing tickets purchased through the Ten Club include members only early entry into the venue whenever possible.
  • Early entry information such as door time and door location is communicated at least 24 hours before the show.


  • Ten Club tickets are mobile only. You will not be mailed physical tickets for entry in advance of the show. No exceptions.
  • Where possible a commemorative physical ticket option will be available for purchase and will be shipped after the show.
  • For support with your mobile tickets, go to the ticket resolution window at the box office. The purchaser must be present and show a government-issued photo ID for assistance.

Camera Policy For Concert Attendees

  • Small, handheld cameras welcome.
  • No flash in the first 20 rows.
  • No detachable lenses.
  • No professional still or recording cameras.
  • No sticks.

Audio Recording Policy For Concert Attendees

  • Small, handheld recording devices welcome.
  • No feed from board.
  • No large, professional audio equipment.
  • No boom mics.
  • No external mics.

Poster Tubes

  • Poster tubes are available for sale at most shows while supplies last.
  • We do not recommend you bring your own poster tubes. It is determined by the venue's security on the day of the show whether poster tubes will be allowed to be brought inside the venue.

Ten Club reserves the right to amend this policy when deemed necessary.


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