Vitalogy Foundation


What is the Vitalogy Foundation?

The Vitalogy Foundation is a public non-profit organization founded in 2006 by Pearl Jam. 


What is the Vitalogy Foundation’s mission? 

Vitalogy Foundation translates the ethos of their music into tangible positive impacts. To maximize its effect, Vitalogy works as both an advocate and a donor. 


I’d like to make a donation to the Vitalogy Foundation.
Thank you! The easiest way to donate is via the band’s website: 


How do I apply for a grant from Vitalogy Foundation?

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications at this time.


I understand the Vitalogy Foundation is not soliciting grant requests, but I would like the band and the Vitalogy Foundation to know about my non profit organization.

Contact us to let us know about a 501c3 non profit organization doing commendable work in your community in one of the following fields: environment, homelessness, indigenous causes. 


I want the band to know about the good work a fellow Pearl Jam fan is doing in my community.

Cool! Feel free to contact us.


I want to hold a fundraiser for Vitalogy Foundation

That's awesome! Unfortunately, holding an event that you advertise as a fundraiser for Vitalogy Foundation is not legally permitted; it's complicated but it has to do with solicitation and consumer protection laws. For charities it requires a series of legal steps and formal agreements prior to officially naming a non-profit organization as a beneficiary to a commercial event. This can be costly and time consuming. Guidelines are hard for fundraisers to meet and the expenses tend to exceed the amount of money raised for charities. The best thing to do is communicate to the public and us that you contributed $__ or ___% of your personal earnings from an event afterwards!


I want to list Vitalogy Foundation on a poster or merchandise or use the name/logo for a charitable purpose.

While we appreciate the good intentions, it isn’t legal to use Vitalogy’s logo or name, even for a charitable purpose. The Vitalogy Foundation name/logo are trademarked, and we are legally bound to protect them (and the public) by ensuring that anything done in the Foundation’s name meets the high legal standards in place. 


I made a donation to Vitalogy Foundation and need a receipt.

If you made a donation to the Vitalogy Foundation, you can expect a receipt within four weeks. If you don't receive one, please contact us.


What is the Wishlist Foundation?

The Wishlist Foundation is not directly affiliated with Pearl Jam or the Vitalogy Foundation. It is a fan-run Foundation inspired by the band that often raises money for non-profits the band supports.


What is the Vitalogy Foundation's Tax ID number?



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