Pre-sale Drawing

Entering the Drawing
Tickets are not sold through an instant sale. Instead, eligible members will have the opportunity to try for tickets through a Ten Club drawing. The time and date that you entered has no effect on your chances of being drawn. Please be sure to read the full Ticket Policy as well as the tour announcement before entering a drawing.

Multiple Entries
Tickets are limited, therefore we cannot guarantee tickets. The more shows you enter for, the more likely you will be drawn for tickets. However, it's possible your name will not be drawn or that your name will be drawn for every show you enter for. So only enter for the number of shows you are prepared to pay for. Once your name is drawn, your credit card will automatically be charged for all the tickets your name was drawn for. Tickets are non-refundable.

Show Priority
You are required to select each show in priority status when entering the drawing. Sorry, there can only be one #1 show no matter how many shows you may want to go to equally. During the drawing, we will randomly draw members who have made that show their #1 priority. If any tickets remain, the system will randomly draw names of members who have chosen that show as their #2 priority and so on until every ticket for a given show has been sold.

Drawing Odds Tool
This tool is only visible when entering for a drawing. The purpose of this tool is to show you the odds of being selected for a given show. The odds are calculated based on the number of entrants versus the number of tickets available. The odds will change throughout the drawing entry period as members continue to enter the drawing. The odds will update every 5 minutes and will continue to update until the drawing entry period ends. This tool has been created to help members know which shows are in highest demand. Drawing odds do not guarantee tickets will be won or lost if entered for. You have just as much chance of being drawn as anyone else in the fan club, so go for it!

Canceling/Editing Drawing Entries
Drawing entries can be canceled by going to Ticketing, click on the subcategory "My Tickets" and click the cancel button. If you wish to change your entry selections, you must re-enter before the drawing entry period has closed. You cannot cancel just one of multiple entries. Instead, you must cancel all entries and then re-enter the drawing for the shows you now want.

Drawing Winners
Ten Club staff does not select the winning names. Names are drawn through computerized random selection software to ensure fairness. The drawing process can take time to complete. To find out where we are at in the process, please visit the drawing status page listed in the Ten Club section under News. Once all names have been drawn, notifications will be emailed to all members with their ticket drawing status. Members can also access their drawing status in their accounts under “My Tickets”.

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